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Thank you for visiting, please take the time to review each section and learn about what we can offer you. We aim to provide the mid-atlantic region with a level of expertise and service that has never before been available locally.


IAP Racing provides top level diagnostic and repair services, complimented by in house fabrication and dyno tuning.



Complete maintenance as per factory schedules are performed and complimented by updated service procedures developed through our own experience with each individual model in addition to major service needs like timing belt service for ferrari, head gasket service for Lamborghini v12’s, clutch and Marelli automated gearbox system service. We believe in complete preventative maintenance as the first step in avoiding costly repairs later on.


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Check engine lights, rough running, lack of power, trouble passing state emissions testing and unstable handling are all common concerns which require serious diagnostic equipment to handle. We provide top level service in these areas while using the best quality factory and aftermarket equipment available. A feature unique to IAP Racing is our in-ground mustang awd chassis dyno, which provides load regulating capabilities. The chassis dyno allows us to diagnose running issues without leaving the workshop, while simulating real world conditions.


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Age, neglect, abuse and inferior design are some of the most common reasons for your engine or gearbox to require rebuilding. Possessing the correct experience, tools and technical data are critical when diagnosis causes of failure and preventing it from happening again. With over 10 years of experience under our belt, you can be certain your engine or gearbox concerns will be addressed properly.


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As your car gets older the electrical system degrades just like everything else, contributing to many of the issues your car suffers from. Familiarity with the common trouble areas in each model is important, as is knowledge of techniques and products to address these areas and prevent them from causing trouble again. We offer a variety of solutions in this area, like SR Innovations gold connector upgrade kits.


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The core of any sports car is the chassis. The only way to really maximize it’s potential is to fit the right tire, maintain the mechanical integrity of your wheels and keep your alignment on point to get everything possible from the entire package. Regular inspection of your wheels for cracks and bends is often over looked, modern sports cars can easily out perform most tires available and alignments are usually imperfect from the factory, let alone after a few pot holes you couldn’t dodge in time. Addressing these areas is just part of the routine we follow during your car’s visit.


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Buying an exotic car and particularly a pre-owned model is both exciting and nerve-racking. The condition of pre-owned cars vary significantly. Every model has it’s own specific common trouble areas and knowing what to ask or what to look for is critical to having a positive ownership experience. We offer our assistance from the first step of car selection via sales ads, all the way through to physical inspection to ensure the best experience possible.


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